Sunday, August 14, 2011

Do You Like To...Do It Yourself?

"How is the mood striking you now?"

We all love The 40 Year Old Virgin.  In fact, gave the movie an 85% fresh score which is amazing for that site.

We have taken a look at Andy's workplace Smart Tech, but now it's time to explore other filming spots from the epic comedy.  Andy's box room co-worker, Seth Rogan recommends that Andy head over to the bookstore to check out this hot babe who works there.  He also recommends that Andy play hard to get, "be cool and kind of a dick."  Click here to view that scene.

This movie was the first time that I saw Seth Rogen and I thought those tattoos were real.  Who knew he would evolve into a high-profile actor big enough to fill leading roles?  Also, is it just me or does Seth Rogen always look like has chewing tobacco in his lower lip?

The bookstore used in this scene is Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena, California.  This bookstore has been around forever and I had heard many things about it before I visited.  There are always book signings where celebrities sign their autobiographies and other novels for the fans.  It's a quaint and quiet little bookstore that has a cozy feel.  However, don't visit Vroman's on an empty stomach like I did and make the mistake of buying a tuna sandwich in their coffee shop for $7.  That's right, I said SEVEN DOLLARS!  How do they sleep at night?

Anyways, Vroman's Bookstore is located at:
695 East Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA

P.S. Check out the cookbook section.

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