Monday, August 29, 2011

The Filming of the Tonight Show

In the spirit of late night television, I find it fitting that we explore and re-visit the personalities involved in the late-night war.

After Jay Leno retired from the Tonight Show, he made a comeback with the Jay Leno Show.  His presence and Conan's poor ratings opened the door for Jay to take back the late-night throne.  To make a long blog post short, I am sharing the filming location that served as the Jay Leno Show filming spot and currently serves as the Tonight Show filming spot (I have had the privilege of being in the studio audience for both).

As I mentioned before, for the Tonight Show you choose four potential dates six weeks in advance.  The catch is that you may not get a confirmation until the day before the taping.  My experience is that if you live in Southern California and you reserve in enough time, you usually get a confirmation for your top pick or second pick in a couple weeks.  Reserve your tickets here.

Tip - Park in the Providence High School back parking lot and walk across Johnny Carson Park.  It's free and close to the studio.

The Tonight Show is filmed at:
300 W. Alameda Ave
Burbank, CA

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