Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Yes Man - The Red Bull Scene Location

Jim Carrey's career has floundered in the past few years with his attempts in dramas, children's movies and even his expertise, comedy.  However, I have seen a few of these attempts and I would say that they weren't a waste of time, and I may even watch a few of them again.  One of the films I am talking about is his 2008 comedy Yes Man.

It's the movie where Jim Carrey has to say yes to everything for an entire year.  He starts falling for Zooey Deschanel (who I happen to think is very cute) and completely changes his lifestyle for the better.  And for you females looking for eye candy, Bradley Cooper is also a main character in this movie.

There is a popular scene in the movie where Carl (Carrey) spends an all-nighter out with his buddies "hittin' up raves" and pounding multiple Red Bulls.  He meets up with Zooey's character Allison for a morning jog with her photography friends.  They jog on the hills above Los Angeles taking pictures the entire way.  In the beginning of the scene they are all stretching and warming up for the run.  Carl pulls up with his two buddies, jumps out of the car and multiple empty Red Bull cans fall out of the car with him.  He runs over to Allison completely wired and starts in on a caffeine-fueled rant.  The entire scene can be seen here.

The location for this scene is the Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles.  Griffith Park is also home to the famous Greek Theater and is located west of the city of Glendale in the hills above Hollywood.  From the Observatory you get many great views.  You get an awesome view of the Hollywood sign, downtown Los Angeles and the Hollywood area.  On a clear day you can even see out towards the Santa Monica area (the problem is finding a smog-free day in LA).  There are also some great running and biking trails in and around the Observatory.

So next time you're in the area bring your camera, head up to the Observatory and walk around.  Parking is limited so you may have to park along the road leading up to the top.  In the next few weeks I'll blog about the tunnel you pass through to get up to the Observatory as an all-time classic movies uses that tunnel for a pivotal scene.

Check out a behind-the-scenes clip for that famous Red Bull Yes Man scene here.

The Griffith Park Observatory is located at:
2800 E Observatory Ave
Los Angeles, CA

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