Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

ABC's late night hit, Jimmy Kimmel Live! has been taking big strides lately.  Jimmy Kimmel has come a long way since the Man Show (which was fantastic by the way) and ditched his open-buttoned shirt for a suit and tie.  Over the years the hair spray, spray tan and success of his network television show has increased.

Those in the Los Angeles area have the ability to attend the taping of JKL (see what I did there?).  Lines begin to form behind the El Capitan Theater around 4:30-5pm and they open the doors to the audience members around 6:15pm.  You need to reserve tickets ahead of time at  A couple times per week there are live concerts after the show where the studio audience joins the concert-only attendees.  Most concerts attract one or two hundred viewers; however Lady Gaga recently performed and attracted a crowd that the facility couldn't even contain.  It was amazing seeing the aerial shot on the news.

Head over to 1iota for tickets.  The cool thing about 1iota is that you can see the guests that are going to be on the show in advance.  You can see the celebrities that you like and reserve tickets for that show a few weeks down the road.  For shows like Conan or Jay Leno, you need to reserve tickets six weeks in advance and you do it blindly, meaning that you have no idea who the guests will be for that show until the week of.

I took my mom to her first live taping in June and Kimmel's show had the most flexibility in ticket reservations.  I only needed to reserve them two weeks in advance.  The audience for JKL is small and it has a cool feel inside the studio.  I hear that there is also a bar inside the theater just up the stairs from the set where celebrities and even Jimmy hang out at before, during and after the show.  Maybe Jimmy hasn't lost his Man Show habits after all.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! is filmed in the El Capitan Theater which is located at:
6864 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

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