Sunday, July 17, 2011

American Pie Additives

It's time for a second installment of American Pie filming spots.  This time, let's focus on the sequel.  The boys have all spent their first year at college and are back home for the summer.  Re-visiting their rooms and hometowns for what seems like a whopping total of fifteen minutes, they decide to spend the summer at the lake.  Now remember that these movies are supposed to take place in Michigan and the lake they are referring to is one of the Great Lakes, Lake Michigan.

This scheme originated from the mind of Kevin, the lonely and lost self-proclaimed leader who is a complete fool for letting Tara Reid go.  Of course, this is before Tara Reid let herself go in real life.  Getting back to my point, dorky Kevin had the first good idea in his life to spend the summer at the lake with the guys.  The boys load up in the truck and head down to the lake driving through what appears to be a lakeshore town, but is actually Seal Beach.  Seal Beach just so happens to be the spot where I learned to surf.

When the guys arrive at their palace for the summer they are in shock.  After picking their jaws up off the ground they begin to set up camp.  What is supposed to be Lake Michigan is actually the Pacific Ocean and the location for their summer home is not even Seal Beach, it's Paradise Cove in Malibu, California.  This past May I just so happened to be exploring Malibu with my girlfriend and we stopped at Paradise Cove for lunch.  At the time I had no idea that A Pie 2 was filmed there.  I got lucky that I snapped a picture of the pier.

If you compare the two pictures, you can see that the pier's lighthouse was built for the film and is no longer there.  For those of you who are familiar with the movie, that lighthouse is where Jim almost gets down with Nadia.  And if you're like me, when he decides against it you scream obscenities at the television.  Also, there is no house at this location.  Apparently it was a facade built for the movie.  Now there is just a cliff and coastline.

Later in the film, the boys pick up a painting job to make a little extra cash.  One of the most memorable scenes in the film is the scene with the "lesbians."  This takes us to our second filming spot.  While watching the film you believe that they're working in a lakeside town, but the home actually lies 45 miles east of Malibu, or as the film would like us to believe Lake Michigan.  The guys are out painting the house on a warm summer day when they spot what appears to be two lesbians residing in the home they are re-coloring.  This home is located in the city of South Pasadena on the same street as the house they used in the movie The Girl Next Door with Emile Hirsch and Elisha Cuthbert.  A clip from that ever-so-epic lesbian scene can be seen here.

The lake-side house location is at:
1 Paradise Cove Rd
Malibu, CA

The lesbians' house is located at:
820 Milan Ave
South Pasadena, CA


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