Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Will Strangle You With My Microphone Wire - The Wedding Singer House

Next time you're in Pasadena you need to swing by the house used in the movie The Wedding Singer.  Just off the beaten path of Lake Ave which runs north and south, head east a few blocks and there you are! 

Later in the movie, Julia is rehearsing her "Hello, my name is Julia Gulia" in the mirror in her room.  Robbie Hart comes strolling up on the street below to confess his love to Julia but becomes discouraged when he sees her happy and smiling through the window.  Julia's house is over in the city of Sierra Madre (not too far from the filming spot for Dude Where's My Car).

I'm a huge fan of Adam Sandler.  I grew up listening to all of his comedy cd's and worshipping movies like Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison and Bulletproof.  More Sandler filming spots to come.

Robbie Hart's sister's house is located at:
1075 E Topeka Street
Pasadena, CA

Julia's House is located at:
41 Sierra Place
Sierra Madre, CA

(thanks to for the actual movie shots)