Monday, July 11, 2011

Dude Where's That Location?

I remember being in high school and having two or three "go to" movies that a few of my friends and I would watch. One of these was Dude Where's My Car a true cult classic that is essentially about absolutely nothing. DWMC popped up recently on my instant Netflix, so naturally I had to re-watch it.

On a random Sunday I decided to check out a few filming spots from the movie that I scored from I headed west on the 210 to the town of Sierra Madre, a small town at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains that was quite pleasant.

The first filming spot that I scoped out was the tailor business from the movie when Jesse and Chester first see each other's tattoo and have that complete stoner exchange "dude what does mine say?" "Sweet!" They also get epic Adidas track suits and realize "dude we got cell phones." A clip from that exact scene can be seen here.

 The second filming spot was where Jesse and Chester realize that they got to see Christie B’s “hoo hoo’s” the night before. This is of course just prior to Christie’s boyfriend and his thugs laying down some serious “stoner bashing time.”

(actual movie pictures are screenshots taken from the film. I believe one of these film screenshots is from and the other is an original)

The Cleaners/Tailor shop is located at:
81 W Sierra Madre Blvd
Sierra Madre, CA

The Sierra Juice shop is located just around the corner at:
1 Kersting Ct
Sierra Madre, CA

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