Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Where Everybody Knows Your Name - The Cheers Bar

It’s time I share a location that isn’t in Southern California. In fact, this location can be found 3,000 miles east in the great city of Boston, Massachusetts. While traveling the east coast with my dad who is one of my favorite traveling buddies, Boston was one of the main stops. With a Red Sox game on the agenda, a tour of the Samuel Adams Brewery and a stroll around the city, we stopped at the Cheers bar.

What’s interesting about this location, much like Tom’s Restaurant from Seinfeld in upper Manhattan, is that they only used the exterior for the show. The interior filming was done on a set.

Inside this Beacon Hill location is an actual Pub and a Cheers gift store. They have also created a replica to the Cheers bar that you see on the television show that is located downtown in Quincy Market. I would also like to mention that the impression us West-Coasters get about Boston is that it is this giant city that has been a powerhouse in sports that always rivals New York City. While in fact, Boston’s 2010 population was 645,000 people which is about 300,000 people less than California’s San Jose.

Nonetheless, Boston is a very fun city with a rich history. I recommend it be on anyone’s top 5 cities to visit because of the people, the landmarks, the sports and the accents! Just across the Charles River or as they say in Boston “Challs riva” to the west are the prestigious MIT and Harvard campuses. Both of these hotspots have been host to many films over the years including The Social Network, 21, Old School, The Town and Road Trip to name a few.

So the moral of the story is take some vacation days this year and get your butt on a plane to Boston. Have a great time and enjoy a Sam Adams for me.

For more information about the Cheers locations, click here.

The original Cheers bar location is at:
84 Beacon Street
Boston, MA

The replica bar is located at:
1 Faneuil Hall
Boston, MA

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