Friday, July 22, 2011

Hill Valley High School

The fictional town of Hill Valley returns in another installment of Back to the Future filming spots.  This time we look at Marty's high school.  In the beginning of the first movie we see Marty race out of Doc's place because he is late for school.  He skates across the street in front of a Burger King restaurant and continues to make his way towards school grabbing onto the back of vehicles and whatever can speed him up.  He skates right on up to the front entrance where Jennifer tries to sneak him past the all-time schmuck, Mr. Strickland.

We also see Marty re-visit his high school in 1955 where he is tries to ignite the flickering flame between George McFly and Lorraine Baines.  If he doesn't succeed in doing this he ceases to exist, so it's pretty important.  He and Doc Brown (who is a hilarious character by the way) head back to Hill Valley High School to drop in on his folks.  Marty is instantly impressed by the graffiti-free and clean appearance of the school and how "they really cleaned this place up."

Many memorable scenes take place in and around this high school in the Back to the Future trilogy.  It turns out that Hill Valley High School isn't located in the city of Industry, but nearby in the city of Whittier.  You can now visit Whittier High School (aka Hill Valley High School) and snap some pictures yourself.  I will post more BTTF Whittier spots in the future as this was the location for the exterior scenes of the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance and Mr. Strickland's house (nearby).

Hill Valley High School is located at:
12417 E. Philadelphia St
Whittier, CA

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